Mwaki Transporters




Situated in Nairobi since 2009, Mwaki Transportes is an independent transport company. The company is managed under full supervision by both owners and extremely efficient personnel, who offer an exclusive personalized, and professional service with uncompromised integrity. As one of the leading transport companies in Nairobi, Mwaki Transporters ensures prompt service delivery that will move your load efficiently, safely and speedily any time, anywhere.

We started out as a family owned business, and step by step, year by year, grew into a Regional and National competitor in transportation of goods.

Our success is 100% built on trust and loyalty between ourselves and our clients and our reputation as a reliable partner in the transport industry. We pride ourselves in being open and honest towards all parties. Our clients are well aware and quite accustomed in discussing their specific needs and suggestions with us. We offer an open door policy which makes communication easier, open and more direct.

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