Desktop Computers & Laptops

We provide many companies all over Kenya with computer hardware, ranging from something as small as printer, to something as complex as a rack of high end servers with back-up and storage solutions. Our relationship with the various vendors and their respective distribution houses, gives you the customer, all the resources that are available within those multinational global names. Clients will get all that expert advice, from design to implementation with no hidden extra costs.We understand that companies today need their suppliers to be in a position to offer options, based on everything from price to performance to service delivery, and it has been our attention to those 3 key factors, that has won over the hearts of many of our client. With our diversified range of services, the customer knows that not only can he get the best kit for the job at the best price, but that it comes with focused ‘after sales support’ from a dedicated technical team, and that all consumable or supplies required are available under the same roof.

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